"Hover Dog" - Group inside joke turned our ‘maker’s mark’

"Hover Dog" - Group inside joke turned our ‘maker’s mark’

Broad Issue:

Commuter traffic and the resulting energy consumption and pollution.

Market Observations:

There is a rising trend in electric vehicle users.

There are already personal electric vehicles in the market aimed at reducing energy consumption and traffic congestion.

NZ itself has a number of companies dedicated to researching and converting vehicles to electric.

EVLABS, AmpedBikes, and the Electric Bicycle Company  are some of these.  They produce and distribute electric conversion kits for bikes with discrete hub motors.

Design Response:

Like EVLAB’s electric conversion system, we have produced an electric vehicle system which can be sold as a complete product, or as an additional attachment for your longboard. It is detachable, solar charged and features ‘hubless’ wheels.

Research, Development, and Outsourcing:

-          Purchase and reverse engineering of current market products

-          Workshop technicians – Technical matters

-          Peter, Electrical technician – Electrical matters

-          Nigel Vining, Founder of Greenskate

-          Daryl Neal, Founder of EVLABs

-          Kia Ora Sheetmetal

The internal layout of our parts. We added a threaded rod and nut assembly just above the motor to provide extra strength to the chassis. We noticed that the chassis itself flexed a little when you put weight on it.

Damien’s reinvented chassis attach/detach clip system.

Damien’s reinvented chassis attach/detach clip system.

Nick’s hubless wheels.

Testing our whole system. This was the first time we had all of these particular parts together at once. Thankfully, everything worked perfectly first time.

Notice the brown object in James’s hands, this is his redesigned hand controller, still being refined.

Also notice the well considered placement of components inside the motor chassis.

Assembling everything into our motor housing/chassis on the floor of Haydn’s lounge.

Our motor and rear axle finally mounted in our motor bracket.

Lead up to our deadline

With our deadline coming pretty quickly we all spent most of this week working furiously away in the workshop.

Haydn and I, with assistance from John the workshop technician, painstakingly cut mounting holes for our motor, wheel and other parts to great accuracy.

Damien amputated parts from the kids donor skateboard and reinvented the clip system so that we could attach and detach the motor.

Nick, with assistance from John the workshop technician, worked furiously to produce our hubless wheels. Every part had to be lathed or machined to within 0.01mm tolerance.

Jason produced a spacer that would enable us to clip our motor housing on and off our board.

James has been working hard on redesigning the standard hand controller. He’s producing a wrist mounted controller, with speed controlled by hand movement. The original, standard, controller was a pistol shape with a trigger for speed control.